The Code Crew

Meet Our Team

The Code Crew


Boasting over fifteen years of international experience, the Code Hair crew are masters at utilizing the latest styling techniques while delivering bespoke services and creative trends. We are passionate about our craft. We understand hair. We understand you.

Joe Moutran

Founder and Creative Director

Salon DJ. Code Lab genius. Lover of grills, tattoos and his green couch. Has issues with malls and assembly of IKEA furniture.

Imad Hajjar

Master Hair Stylist

Wavy hair whiz. Salon ladder and lighting technician. Video producer. Instagram and snapchat addict. Lover of half-open drawers and cabinets.

Tamer Saud

Master Hair Stylist

Maestro of hair updos and buns. Your go-to guy for special occasions. Salon comedian. PUBG addict. Assumes it’s normal to have lunch at 6 pm.

Osama Ghazal

Master Hair Stylist

King of the brush. Food order taker. His eyes may suggest that he is sleepy but we assure you he is fully awake.

Crystal Abella

Nail Technician

Salon fashionista. Queen of selfies, jewelry, the beach and fake eyelashes.

Ruby Sungkip

Nail Technician

Munchie junkie. Dreamer. Torn between her noodle addiction and healthy eating aspirations.

Angelita Serdan

Nail Technician

Quiet Perfectionist. Clumsy accident waiting to happen. Has a memory of a goldfish so remind her to get your coffee

Chris Capili


Shampoo and hair treatment master. Head massage goddess. Right hand in all operational matters. Stops functioning at 7 p.m.

Judith Condeno


Salon operator and scheduling diva. Woman who takes your cash. Coffee barista. Also known as Olive – Popeye’s wife.