Code Hair

About Us

The Code Hair story

Code Hair Ladies Salon is a modern, state of the art one-stop shop for ladies hair and nail services. Boasting over fifteen years of international experience, the crew at Code Hair are trained to utilize the latest styling techniques while delivering bespoke services and creative trends.

At Code Hair, customer satisfaction surmounts everything, and this is at the core of what we do on a daily basis. We are passionate about our craft.

We understand hair. We understand you.

Revealing the Code

Kick back and relax while we unravel your unique code!

Our name, CODE HAIR, is inspired by the hidden, almost cryptic elements which underpin the services and end-product our customers will experience. It denotes the technical knowledge of hair and how different hair types react to different color codes, treatments and techniques.

More importantly, it signifies individuality and how that can be expressed through your own personal style. Fresh. Trendy. Unique. You.